NHS Continuing Healthcare

MHS’ Continuing Healthcare service covers a number of components and we offer a service delivered by highly experienced individuals. Our Continuing Healthcare Team can support you in a number of ways, tailored to meet your individuals needs such as:

  • Embed our support in your organisation to support the leadership and transformation of your CHC service. 
  • Support assessments for NHS Continuing Healthcare
  • Backlog of Reviews
  • Develop and deliver PHB processes
  • Support any Deferred Assessments
  • Tailor our support to the needs of you service

Our Senior CHC Team have walked that walk, talked that talk, and know where the pitfalls are in leading a successful CHC Team. They can articulate what needs to be developed in your team for them to achieve and for you to be assured that a robust roadmap for a self-sustaining service will be put in place. 

Services to Support You

Based on our Teams' extensive knowledge and hands-on experience across various CHC teams, structures and health and social care economies, we offer a view of where things currently stand with regard of: 

The CHC Framework

  • How COVID 19 and system changes regarding the introduction of the Discharge Guidance have impacted on local processes for CHC 
  • What improvements can be made to move your service forward. 
  • We offer expert advice and support in the development and refinement of processes, procedures, performance metrics, programs, and outcome measures for organisations to ensure that you are compliant with the NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework.

This includes:

  • Support the development of a coherent strategy for CHC that includes patient and person-centred processes that span the assessment, review and care delivery of NHS CHC.  This includes supporting the need for a personal health budget and ensuring that all the processes are in place so that these can be delivered with confidence and assurance
  • Review and support the negotiation of care packages and placements to ensure that they are of high quality and value for money 
  • Support an independent audit of decision-making processes in place to ensure that they that are appropriate, consistent, clearly documented and understood. This includes annual reviews.
  • Training and support to teams to develop skills of NHS CHC teams and care professionals involved throughout the care pathway

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