Service Mobilisation

The time following being awarded a new service; but before its commencement, is perhaps the most critical time for any organisation.

It is a precarious period:

If it goes wrong it can hamper the whole future clinical provision and be costly in terms of unnecessary expenditure and damage to your reputation.

However; if it goes well it sets the tone for effective, long standing relationships with the commissioner of the service.

We assist organisations, and their partners, through this challenging period. We have to hand a plethora of project management tools as well as the skills required to implement your plan.

By applying some fundamental principles to the service mobilisation; no matter what the size or complexity we will get you to a commencement point within the allotted timescale.

At MHS we believe that in order for you to implement any provision in a safe and effective way there are at least nine stages that must be in a State of Readiness (SoR) before a service is ready to ‘Go Live’.

These are:

  • Integrated Governance
  • Clinical
  • Administration and Business
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Commercial and Contracts
  • Hard & Soft Facilities Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Information Management and Technology

Let us navigate you through the requirements and assist your organisation to become primed for these nine states.

Quick Tip - Start Early

As well as offering service mobilisation as a standalone package we also have supported organisations with the full procurement as mobilisation is combined with our bid and tender package. If you have the combined package it means that you can start early and not leave everything until the mobilisation phase – there is often temptation to leave specific developments until the mobilisation phase for discussion and agreement.

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