Business Cases, Tender & Bid Writing

Companies come in all shapes and sizes and while for many providers, writing a bid for funding is just another task in the seemingly un-unending number of tasks required to keep a provider in existence. This also can mean that funding applications are part of a reactive short to medium term process rather than as part of the on-going strategic plan. The dangers to any organisation are obvious. Chasing tenders indiscriminately can shift an organisations focus and take staff away from their ‘day job’. This is where we can help you.

We are able to write successful bids because we:

  • Are able to give you clarity about what the tender is for and therefore whether your service meets it requirements.
  • Can articulate how your service is going to be delivered in a language commissioners understand.
  • Will assist you to translate your existing practice into a recognisable narrative which showcases your company and its processes.
  • Know where the pitfalls in bid writing are, and so can help you avoid them.
  • Act as the agent for your organisation when discussing the bid and service with commissioners.
  • Are a team who have not only been successful in writing bids but have been evaluators of health and social care bids.

How we work depends on you and how much or little support you need or want. We offer the following as standalone or complete packages:

  1. Review the ITT or PQQ for you.
  2. Gather all the information required for the submission from company information, your policies and procedures or discussions with your staff. We can develop potential pathways and begin conversations with any material sub-contractors all to support your submission.
  3. Complete the Submission for you, this includes adding the narrative to all questions so that they reflect your company business and its values.
  4. Quality Assure any documents that you have put forward to support your submission to ensure that they reflect the narrative, are up to date and meet current legislation and good practice.
  5. Make necessary Amendments to any parts of the submission that you want changing once you have reviewed the final draft submission.
  6. Submission of the Completed Tender Documentation and any associated supporting evidence.

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