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Infection Prevention and Control Service

Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) can develop either as a direct result of healthcare interventions such as medical or surgical treatment, or from being in contact with a healthcare setting. A robust Infection prevention and control service reduces the risk of HCAI to patient’s visitors and staff and ensures compliance with national standards and CQC requirements.

Our service will you give peace of mind that your business has up to date infection prevention and control advice, that you are compliant with the CQC in relation to IP&C and that your training is developed and delivered by qualified and experienced infection control nurses.

Assurance frameworks

We can assist in the development of an assurance framework. This will involve:

  • Reviewing your systems and processes to ensure that infection prevention and cleanliness are an integral part of your business.
  • Developing governance and accountability structures which can demonstrate clear responsibility for infection prevention and control.
  • Support you through CQC or other regulatory body inspections

Training and development

Develop and/or deliver training programme for infection prevention and control. These can be sessions on standard infection prevention and control precautions or bespoke and specific practice related.

Cleanliness and the environment

  • We can perform risk assessments and develop infection prevention and control cleanliness programmes to ensure that clean and appropriate environment is managed and maintained.
  • We will write your policies on the environment such as cleaning services, waste management, building and refurbishment, planned preventative maintenance, water safety and food service.
  • We can advise on systems required for decontamination of re-usable medical devices and arrangements for cleaning services.

Antimicrobial use and resistance

We can advise on systems necessary to manage and monitor the use of antimicrobials which will ensure appropriate use of antimicrobials and reduce risk of antimicrobial resistant.

Information for service users and visitors

We can assist in developing accurate information on infections for service users and visitors. This would involve developing information leaflets, using material from national

Isolation and infection prevention and control practices

We can assist in risk assessing and developing procedures and policies on isolation and infection prevention and control procedures. Procedures will be based on local risk assessment of risk and facilities available.

Laboratory support

We can advise on laboratory support and advice required for diagnosis and management of infections which would include screening and surveillance where necessary.


We can advise on and develop standard or bespoke policies on all aspects of infection prevention and control. These range from standard infection prevention and control precautions, outbreaks, organisms specific practices such as MRSA, C.difficile and invasive device management. For a full list of available policies please contact us.

Occupational health

We can advise on the scope of Occupational health service required in relation to staff immunisation, exposure prone procedure requirements and follow up of blood or body fluid exposure incidents.

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Infection Prevention & Control Chorley