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Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention

QIPP is the term used to describe the approach the NHS is taking at local, regional and national levels to deliver reform to its operations and to redesign services in the current economic climate, this is done by assessing reforms against the four components:

  • Quality - the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something
  • Innovation - The action or process of ‘Innovating’, making changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products
  • Productivity - The effectiveness of productive effort
  • Prevention - The action of stopping something from happening or arising

QIPP supports the Health and Social Care systems to live within their means, whilst still delivering high quality care that is in line with National guidance.

QIPP encourages new ways of thinking about how Health and Social care can be delivered and enables duplication to be removed as well as supporting Health and Social Care to manage ever increasing demand and expectations.

The four QIPP elements are both distinct and inter-related.

We have broken our QIPP offer into 4 distinct sections that supports you from the design to the delivery your scheme.

  1. Planning: MHS will assist you to translate your ideas into a ‘plan on a page’. From this you will be able to articulate the benefits and risks to your scheme with ease. As part pf this process we will facilitate the analysis of your data, compare you against your peers and undertake ‘deep dives ‘so that you fully understand the impact of your scheme.
  2. Expertise: MHS will support you with the know-how of scoping your business case to developing your project plans. To ensure that your QIPP schemes are successful we supply staff to you for the effective delivery of your scheme from finance and data assistance to clinical staff with project management skills.
  3. Governance: MHS will provide you with all the templates and documentation as well as the experience to build your internal reporting structures for your scheme. This will give assurance to your Senior Responsible Officer and your Board that your scheme is on track.
  4. Realisation: MHS will work alongside your teams to drive the implementation of your schemes whilst using our project and programme management skills to make sure that your schemes remain on trajectory with your timelines.

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Qipp & Quality (Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention) Chorley